Our expertise in grain handling, quality, storage and logistics captures value for growers through access to viable markets.

Harvest worker applications

Applications to work the harvest season with us open progressively across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. There’s never been a better time to work in agriculture and #HarvestYourPotential at GrainCorp.


CropConnect is the largest online marketplace for grains across the east coast of Australia and brings growers and buyers together in an easy and convenient way to connect and trade online.  

GrainCorp Silo Art Trail

Australian towns are renowned for loving ‘big things’, with many towns highlighting their local industry, agriculture, history or natural beauty with large outdoor sculptures and giant paintings.

What we do

Our unique mix of agribusiness and processing operations connects grain growers with domestic and international customers, to process grain and oilseeds into food and feed ingredients.

As the largest grain storage and handling network on the east coast of Australia, we operate more than 150 regional receival sites and seven bulk port terminals.

We store and market wheat, barley, canola, sorghum and specialty commodities, connecting over 10,000 growers with more than 1,000 end-market customers across the food, beverage, edible oils and animal feed industries.

One of the ways we do that is through CropConnect, the largest online secure marketplace for grains on the east coast of Australia.

For Growers

For Buyers

For Freight Providers

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Is the largest secure online marketplace for grain on east coast Australia. Growers can trade, manage and deliver their warehoused grains quickly and securely with two-day payment terms through the GrainCorp app or online.

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Helps farmers optimise the quality of eligible deliveries, efficiently allowing them to access higher grades and unlock greater value.

Combining our strengths

Our fully integrated supply chain is a powerful ally to the grower.

From farms to receival sites; across road or rail; and to ports and out to sea; our cost-effective supply chain connects growers with viable global markets. Our processing operations bring additional marketing channels for growers to maximise their grain’s value.

By working together, we build value throughout our supply chain.

Storage & Handling

We have the largest accumulation network on the east coast of Australia with more than 20 million metric tonnes of capacity.

Ports & Shipping

We have seven bulk terminals and ports offering 15 million metric tonnes of elevation capacity.

Road & Rail Freight

Our infrastructure is connected by a full freight network of road and rail, with an experienced team available to manage all logistics.

Get in contact with our team to find out how we can grow your business.

The GrainCorp way

While our GrainCorp team is diverse, we each believe in our values:  

We care

We deliver

We stay safe

We do what’s right