Storage & Handling

We have the largest regional accumulation, storage and handling network on the east coast of Australia. We operate more than 150 receival sites across with a combined storage capacity of more than 20 million metric tonnes.

Our strategic network of ports, as well as our strong international networks, ensures that we can send grain to anywhere in the world.

You can manage most of the storage and handling of your grain, cereals and pulses in CropConnect or access forms, agreements and site segregation plans below.

Site Segregations

For all current site segregations, please visit CropConnect.
Growers may be interested in the latest planned site segregations for the next season in their area.

We’re here for you

Contact the Grower Hotline to speak with our team or contact us online.

Call 1800 809 482, then select option 1 when prompted

You can also contact site and area managers directly through our interactive map.
Our local teams should only be contacted for operational matters;
if you have a different query, please refer to our Contact Us page.