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Storing your own grain? Here’s what you should look out for
October 20, 2021

If you’re storing grain, you’ll know how important good practices are to safe storage and maintenance of grain quality.

You’ll also know how challenging it can be.

“Storing grain safely is a real skill,” says Jason Shanley, GrainCorp’s Quality Assurance Manager.

“Farmers who are new to it should do their research and reach out to experts such as GrainCorp for advice.

“Managing grain is a core area of our business.

“We have world class expertise and proven processes that can assist our customers in keeping grain on farm without reducing its quality.”

Jason could talk for days on the subject.

Instead, here are his five key factors for successful grain storage. 

1. Hygiene
It’s important to clean as you go. This includes the cleaning of handling equipment before harvest and between commodities, and between changeover on GM and non-GM canola to avoid contamination.

2. Moisture
Moisture levels must be low enough to avoid any impact on quality during storage. High moisture can lead to moisture migration through the storage, which can cause quality degradation and may impact fumigation efficacy. For high-risk commodities, grain aeration systems can assist in managing moisture and temperature.

3. Manage mice
Secure rodent-bait stations minimise pests such as mice and, from a food safety perspective, ensure rodenticides don’t enter the supply chain. The surrounding area should be kept free of weeds and debris, reducing the habitat for rodents around storages.

4. Fumigation processes
Fumigations should only be conducted in sealed storages to ensure the efficacy of fumigation and reduce risk of insect resistance to fumigants. Take regular gas readings and ensure the storage is fully vented to avoid supply chain disruptions and to keep people safe.5. Chemicals
When using herbicides or insecticides, make sure you strictly follow label instructions and stay informed on market maximum residue limits.

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