Air-operated tailgates reducing driver downtime.

We’re excited to announce an initiative designed to improve truck turnaround time, while maintaining industry-leading safety standards.

Trucks delivering this harvest with a compliant air-operated tailgate can now be operated by GrainCorp, where permission is granted.

This move to reduce driver downtime is a direct result of grower feedback across our East Coast network.

When asked how we could streamline the delivery experience, growers offered remote tailgate operation as a way GrainCorp could enhance the service.

This is the first in a group of operational changes at our sites introduced directly in response to grower feedback.

It does, however, require the consent and co-operation of growers and drivers.

We’ve created a video to offer a clear explanation of how the new process will work.

You can view it here – please watch it closely.

If your trailer is compliant with the requirements outlined in the video, please support this initiative and confirm with staff at your site that you give approval for GrainCorp staff to operate the air controls.

As you know, we place the highest priority on safety for all visitors and staff at our sites, so instructions must be followed closely to ensure a safe process.

Please contact your site manager for any clarification or further information.